We believe that the world belongs to the children that we are caring for, so we take our responsibility to protect it seriously. We are conscious of the impact that our business has on the future of our planet and actively work to ensure that we are improving the environment rather than harming it.

However, sustainability reaches further than the environment. We passionately believe that we have a duty to ensure that the childcare industry has a sustainable workforce and supports local people to use all their skills in a career in childcare. Social sustainability isn't just good for the industry, it's good for Peterborough as it provides more jobs for local people and it is good for your children as we build an even stronger team.

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Environmental sustainability
Alpha Kindergarten on Fletton Avenue is Peterborough's first carbon-neutral nursery. We have worked to calculate the carbon emissions that are caused by our business and then offset those emissions through carbon-reduction schemes. 

The schemes we support fund renewable energy projects around the world, replacing existing dirty power plants which pollute the environment. We contribute towards these schemes at a level which means that we are funding the replacement of the same amount of carbon that is caused by our business.

Of course, as a nursery we don't produce almost any emissions on site. Our emissions come primarily from our electricity and gas suppliers and our 'secondary emissions' - the carbon footprint of the food, equipment and services we purchase.

To reduce our emissions, we are committed to:

- Buying locally where possible, to reduce the carbon journey that our purchases have to make.
- Ensuring that we are as energy efficient as possible, to reduce the amount of energy that we use.
- Aspiring to use carbon-free energy and products, where it is economical.
- Recycling, where possible, to limit the impact that our refuse has on the environment.

We also work to reduce the impact of our business on the local environment:

- By ensuring that no trips are made by car unless absolutely essential. Our trips out with the children (for example, to the park) almost always involve walking.
- By working with our staff, most of whom live locally, to encourage the use of public transport to commute.
- Approximately 60% of our parents arrive at nursery by car, a figure that we would like to see decrease by promoting public transport, walking and cycling.
- As a nursery, we seek a calm and peaceful environment for our children and it is in our interests to keep noise pollution to an exceptionally low level.

Social sustainability
We strongly believe that we should be providing opportunities for local people to succeed in a career in childcare. We work with local colleges and take on a number of apprentices to work alongside our experienced members of staff.

This provides an essential opportunity for the apprentice to gain vital experience and learn about childcare best practice. There are also benefits for the children, with apprentices able to apply the latest practice that they have learnt and bring new perspectives to the nursery.

We are proud that many of our apprentices choose to stay with the nursery after they have qualified, meaning that they can provide continuity for children and add to the large number of long-standing members of staff at the nursery.


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