Trips Out

Trips away from the nursery will help your child learn more about their community.

Please note: To help stop the spread of Covid-19, we have currently suspended all trips. This temporary measure is for the safety of children and staff and will continue to be reviewed alongside our other measures.

To support your child’s development, throughout the year we go on frequent day trips in small or large groups. Curious about the world around them, these trips are a fun opportunity for the children to discover new places and new things in different settings. 

Your child will go on regular trips to the library and the park, giving them the chance to develop their key skills in a different environment. They provide an opportunity for the children to learn about the world around them and their community in a controlled and secure way. 

These regular trips are complemented by outings to other exciting locations such as Sacrewell Farm, the museum and the Key Theatre.

Experienced staff leading safe trips

The safety and security of your child are our first priority and each of these exciting excursions are risk assessed. We provide an appropriate staff to children ratio, our experienced staff are all trained in paediatric first aid and have equipment on hand for any bumps and scrapes along the way.

Through the Famly app, you will receive information about what your child has been doing on their trip.

Helping your child's development

We use trips to help your child's development. Visiting new environments provides new opportunities to support your child's growth. 

For example, on a trip to the local greengrocers we might support their numeracy by counting fruit together, develop their understanding of the world by discovering different types of vegetables and grow their creativity by engaging in role play.

Nursery events

Throughout the year, we host events inside the nursery for families to attend, ranging from Father’s Day Breakfast to our Summer Family BBQ and Christmas Nativity. 

Family involvement is encouraged in our events, which provide a chance to socialise with other parents and out staff – helping to create a strong working relationship in a social environment.