We have three pre-school rooms, helping your child to learn, play and grow as they get ready for school.


Caring for our younger pre-school children before they transition into the older rooms. Some children will prefer to join this room while others are better suited to joining Kingfishers or Dragonflies directly.

Kingfishers & Dragonflies

Our two older pre-school rooms care for children the year before they go to school. They are made up of children from your child's school year group, meaning they will already have some friends in Reception.

Getting ready for school

To prepare for school, life in preschool is slightly more structured than in the younger rooms although your child will still learn through play. We will support you and your child to gain the independence skills needed for school, like tying shoes.

The term before your child goes to school, we work closely with their Reception class. We invite the teacher into the setting to visit your child and run activities like role playing with school uniform to help school readiness. 

Stimulating activities

To encourage independence and free choice, your child will enjoy free flow play and can access all toys and games, under the supervision of our staff. They also have direct access to one of our ourdoor play areas throughout the day.

Their key person will plan stimulating and fun activities based on their individual development needs.

Exploring the world

Your child will go on frequent trips out of the nursery to learn more about their community and the world around them. This might be a visit to the greengrocers, where they will learn about counting, colours and different fruit or trips to the park and library.

All trips are done with your consent and are fully supervised by our experienced team.

Growing your child's independence

Your child will be encouraged to show a sense of pride in their achievements and learn to positively resolve their differences with others.

We will help them develop their independence and confidence as they learn to make choices and self-serve food at meal times.


We believe that mealtimes and social occasions, so your child will sit at the table with their friends. This not only helps to develop their social and communication skills but also encourages them to try different foods with their peers.

We also use mealtimes to develop their child's independence and decision making. Supported by their key person, they will serve their own food and water at mealtime and will also choose when they want to have a healthy snack during play.

All our meals are prepared freshly on site by our nursery cook, using fresh and local ingredients. Meals are designed with nutrition and health in mind.

Example meals

- Oats with fresh fruit
- Cornflakes with whole milk

- Vegetable sticks
- Pitta bread with homemade dip

Example meals

- Lentil and vegetable bolognaise
- Salmon and brocolli with wholemeal pasta

- Tuna and cucumber wholemeal wraps
- Stir fry vegetables and noodles

Meal Times