Partnership with Parents

For over 20 years, parents have been choosing us because of the strong partnership with build with them.

To give your child the best possible start in life, we recognise the importance of working closely with you to ensure that we create continuity between nursery and home life. Not only will this be beneficial for your child, it will also give you peace of mind each day.

We place a high value on making time for you to be able to talk to staff, to discuss the development of your child while helping us to understand their individual traits and needs. We strongly encourage all parents to form a strong relationship with their child's key person, so that together we can help them grow seamlessly both at home and at nursery.

In addition to daily opportunities to talk with staff, there are various events throughout the year – such as parents' evenings and social events for the whole family. We welcome all parental involvement, including suggestions about how we can improve the care we provide. 

Building relationships with you

We want to build an open relationship with you where information about your child flows in both directions. Knowing what your child is doing at home will help us to plan activities better suited to their needs and help them to develop their skills.

Our team are always happy to discuss any issues that you might be having with your child at home and can provide tips or advice on activities that you can do away from nursery.

Your child's key person 

Each child is allocated a key person, who will be your principal contact within the nursery. They will monitor and progress your child’s development and ensure that activities within the nursery are designed to help them grow. 

Each key person will have a buddy – another member of staff within the room who is able to take over the care, learning and development of your child if the key person is not in that day.

Famly online app

Alongside speaking to you at drop-off time, we use the Famly online app to share information with you about your child. You will have your own secure login and can access it through the Famly website or on your phone.

You will receive real time information about what your child is doing, such as whether they have slept during the day. Photos are also uploaded so that you can see your child taking part in exciting activities.

The secure service is password protected and parents have control over who can access the information.