The Bumblebees: Toddlers

The Bumblebees Room supports your toddler as they start developing their independence and confidence. 

Between two and three years of age, the Bumblebees Room supports your child at a vital stage of their development, offering a wide range of play and learning opportunities.

Supporting your child's independence

At this critical age, your child will begin to develop a growing sense of independence. They will learn through play with their peers, learning empathy and sharing. They will have free access to games and toys so that they can choose what they want to do.

Your child will be supported in decision making, such as choosing when they want a healthy snack.

Learning through play

Your child will learn through play, with activities organised based on their child's individual progress. At this age, they will begin to learn essentials such as colours, shapes and counting, through group games and one-on-one exercises.

Our team will help guide your child to enjoy planned games and activities designed to support their individual growth and development.

Helping your child to grow

This is a key point in your child's emotional development. Our team will support them as they start learning to manage their feelings and form relationships with their peers.

Each child is unique and will develop at a different rate. Your child's key person will treat them as individuals to track their progress. They will work with you to develop next steps and support your child's learning and development.

Learning and playing outdoors

The Bumblebees Room has direct access to one of our two outdoor play areas. This allows children opportunities to learn and play outside throughout the day.

Some children prefer to learn outside, so your child will be able to play in the place which is best for them.

Eat, sleep and grow

Each day, we will let you know whether your child has slept and what they have eaten. We inform you in real time on our secure Famly app, which we also use to provide you with pictures and updates on your child's day.


Mealtimes are social occasions and your child will sit at the table with their friends. Meals are freshly prepared each day by our cook, designed with health in mind and using fresh ingredients.

Your child will have access to water or milk and will choose when they would like to eat a healthy snack.


Those children who need to sleep will use our sleep room, a separate space to ensure a restful sleep away from children who are still in active play.

All children have individual sleep mats with their own personal bed linen, all provided by the nursery. You are welcome to provide your child's comforter from home if needed.

Meal Times