The Butterflies: Older Babies

At this critical time in their development, our older babies are starting to learn more about the world around them.

The Butterflies Room looks after our older babies, providing them with a bigger space and equipment suited to their needs as they grow. Some babies will join this room after 12 months but transitions between rooms are flexible and are based on their developmental needs, in discussion with you.

Supporting your child's developmental needs

We know that each child develops at a different rate, so your child's key person will take their individual needs into account and put together Next Steps for them. They will use these to plan fun activities, based around your child, which will help them to reach their full potential.

Learning through play

The Butterflies Room ensures that your child will receive the attention they need to thrive whilst developing their social skills with other children. The room offers each child extensive opportunities for exploration and sensory play as they begin to learn more about the environment around them

All our learning is play based and your child will enjoy activities indoors and outdoors every day.

Sleeping arrangements

We will work with you to follow your child's sleeping routine at home and adapt as this changes.

Your child will have an individual sleeping mat with their own personal bed linen, all provided by the nursery.

Meal Times