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The questions you should be asking about food at nursery

In your child’s first five years, they will grow faster than at any point in their life. Food is the fuel that helps drive that growth, meaning that what your child eats is vital to give them the best

08 March 2021

Five ways nursery helps your child's social development

At a time when we're meeting with socialising with other people less frequently than normal, we take a look at how nursery helps your child's social development.

04 February 2021

Our 25th anniversary year

To mark Alpha Kindergarten's 25th anniversary, nursery manager Sarah Rock shares some of the special things that have kept parents returning for a quarter of a century.

19 January 2021

The clever ways that Christmas carols help your child to grow

As Christmas draws closer, your child will love singing carols and festive songs. We take a look at how Christmas carols and nursery rhymes also help your child's development.

02 December 2020

Five ways your child benefits from nursery

Your child will never grow faster than in the years before they start school. Here are five compelling ways that nursery helps your child to grow.

05 November 2020